Completing digital forms

Digital forms are normally PDFs. The PDF format is portable and works on nearly all devices.

When it comes time to complete a digital form, you can

  • complete it electronically, or
  • complete it on paper.

Complete it electronically

To complete a PDF electronically you will have to fill in the form. Not all PDFs are designed to do this. If you are unable to click into and manipulate any of the fields in your PDF viewer, the form may not be “fillable.” You will have to complete it on paper.

If the PDF is fillable, you will be able to fill it in electronically on your computer without printing it. When you fill in the form you will have to save a copy to your computer. You may have to download it before filling it in.

Once you save a copy, open it up to confirm that your save took and all your details are in place. If so, you now have access to a complete copy of the form that you can send in an e-mail as an attachment.

You should send the completed form to the appropriate party.

Complete it on paper

It is always possible to simply send a form to your printer. If you do this, you will have less trouble. Everyone knows how to use a pen and it’s a lot less frustrating.

Once you complete the form on paper you can hand deliver it to the appropriate party.

If you have access to a modern copy machine, you can scan your paper copy and send it electronically to a designated e-mail address. This gives you a way to expedite the delivery.