Youth Director (part-time) at the New Cumberland First Church of God

Responsibilities include planning, recruiting & leading volunteer youth leaders, leading the senior youth group and the youth Sunday school class.  This position reports directly to the pastor, and is an ex-officio member of the Christian Education Commission and is accountable to the administrative council.  Approximate weekly time commitment of 10 hours.
Should exhibit the following characteristics:
  • A commitment to Jesus Christ and a lifestyle that shows it.
  • Become part of our church and community by getting involved in other ministries.
  • Be a student of the Bible, and committed to prayer.
  • Place high value on the peace and the unity of the church.
  • Agree with basic Church of God doctrine.
  • Must have good communication skills and habits. 
  • Should have weekly youth group gatherings, and arrange coverage when not available.
  • Should provide copies of schedules to youth/families a minimum of 1 month in advance.
  • Should be organized, reliable and keep/submit financial statements and receipts.
  • Attend monthly commission meetings or provide a report to commission in advance.
Leading Sunday School & Youth Group:
  • Should arrive early and prepared.
  • Be creative using materials designed for youth, include prayer, music, skits, games, etc…
  • Foster a team environment, respecting each person’s unique skill set and gifting.
  • Develop methods/events to attract & invite new students.
Lead & Develop Volunteers and Student Leaders:
  • Recruit adult volunteers.  Ensure volunteers (18 and older) are Safe Sanctuary cleared. 
  • Encourage students to take leadership roles when possible.
  • Consider attending seminars & training individually and as a team.
  • Maintain a Christ honoring presence with students using technology/social-media.