Acolytes (Children)

The acolyte demonstrates metaphorically, by tending the candles, having the light of Christ present in our service and then, at service end, taking it out into the world.


Primary Duties

  • Light the candles at the beginning of the service.
  • Extinguish the candles at the end of the service.


  • Be in 5th grade or up to 12th grade


  • 2 acolytes are chosen each month, and those two can split the month as needed.
  • An acolyte will handle about three months out of each year.


  • In person training will be given.

Everyone Involved

  • Darlene Brandt, Coordinator
  • Cassie Collins
  • Brielle Major
  • Georgia Halley
  • Logan Reynolds
  • Angelina Quiones
  • Summer Hoachlander
  • Crystal Miller
  • Jordan Kauffman

Current Status

  • We need help urgently

Please contact Darlene (or at 717-566-3151) if you have questions about this ministry or about getting involved.