Funeral Luncheons

Funeral Luncheons give family and friends an opportunity to share a meal and remember a loved one without the burden of preparing food. As most of the food is donated by volunteers the cost is reasonable.

Funeral Meal Volunteer

Primary Duties

  • Make or buy certain food items
  • Prepare food and bring to luncheon


  • Ability to cook
  • No clearances required
  • Be available on short notice (2-3 days)


  • 3-5 luncheons a year


  • Not applicable

Everyone Involved

  • Darlene Brandt, Leader
  • Peggy Rissinger
  • Rose Bruce
  • Casey Halley
  • Phoebe Pierce
  • Julie Halley
  • Becky Brown
  • Sue Sansom
  • Patsy Dunlap
  • Kay Pickel
  • Esther Spoonhour
  • Kendra Spoonhour
  • Sarah Pickel
  • Chrissy Paxton
  • Sally Leeper
  • Audrey Ulsh
  • Helen Mowery
  • Julie Sellers
  • Audrey Bowen

Current Status

  • We need help

Please contact Darlene (or at 717-566-3151) if you have questions about the ministry or about getting involved.