Safe Sanctuary

The Safe Sanctuary Ministry first and foremost strives to protect the innocence of children and youth and, secondly, safeguards volunteers with wise policy. From a parent’s perspective, few services are more important.

Compliance Aide

Primary Duties

  • Track volunteer safe sanctuary compliance in an online database
  • Communicate compliance requirements with new volunteers
  • Remind volunteers whose clearances are expiring
  • Guide volunteers through the clearance process
  • Provide list of vetted volunteers on demand


  • You must have been attending our church for 6 months
  • You must be a fully cleared yourself
  • You should have access to a computer for online record keeping


  • A couple hours a month


  • Understand the process as described on the website
  • You will be trained to use PeopleCenter (it’s easy)

Everyone Involved

  • Charlie Zahora, Pastor

Current Status

  • We need help

Please contact Charlie with questions about this ministry or getting involved.