Study Buddies

Study Buddies tutors elementary school students who need extra academic assistance or who would benefit from a relationship with an adult role model. Our mission is to share Jesus love in our conversation and help. They are also provided with a nutritious meal.


Primary Duties

  • Help students academically.
  • Be a role model by demonstrating love and concern.
  • Really listen to your child.


  • Love for children and for learning.
  • Must have clearances if 18 or over.
  • Not necessary to attend our church to participate (e.g. we have participants from key clubs and honors societies).
  • Must be 16 or older unless accompanied by an adult.

Kitchen Crew

Primary Duties

  • Assist chef with meal prep
  • Serve meals
  • Clean up


  • Must have clearances if 18 or over.


  • 5:30 – 7:00 pm for 7 Tuesdays in the Spring
  • 5:30 – 7:00 pm for 7 Tuesdays in the Fall


  • New volunteers receive instruction before the program begins.
  • New volunteers are initially paired with an experienced Buddy.
  • Coaches are circulating and are available to help.

Everyone Involved

  • Darlene Brandt, Leader
  • Christine Reynolds
  • Esther Spoonhour
  • Ken Spoonhour
  • Peggy Rissinger
  • Maggie Brandt
  • James Winaught
  • Kyle Zoll
  • Kay Pickel
  • Karena Dows
  • Bill Clouser
  • Cheryl Clouser
  • John Jenkins
  • Kendra Spoonhour
  • Lysa McElroy
  • Keith Reynolds
  • Ed Pickel
  • Casey Halley
  • Sean McNulty
  • Chris Paxton
  • Chrissy Paxton
  • Rose Bruce
  • Sue Sanson
  • Glen Sanson
  • Ruth Cameron
  • Shelley Hoachlander
  • Summer Hoachlander
  • Julie Sellers
  • Cameron Sellers
  • Cyndi Kauffman
  • Kendra Major
  • Gary Shirley
  • Anthony Colavito
  • Julie Halley

Current Status

  • We need help to avoid having students turned away

Please contact Darlene (or at 717-566-3151) if you have question about this ministry or about getting involved.